Introduction Sacronology

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Quantum Identifiers®

Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.” – Herbert Otto

In Equilibrium Q²

Humans strive for a balanced life, consciously or unconsciously, in the form of QUANTUM INTELLIGENCE, IDENTIFIERS or Q²©®. Quantum Intelligence is the ability to go beyond the normal parameters of traditional forms of intelligence or discernment quotients like EI, SI and approach life with a broader range of perspectives. Q² is a higher order much like meandering in a candy store from the perspective of the ceiling, viewing all the action, products and reactions from a comprehensive vantage point. Achieving Q² requires focused attention, diligence and the ability to merge everything learned, experienced and perceived from an altered frame of reference. It requires letting go of labels and family, community, religious, political, national, global and personal beliefs and opinions about all matters and reframe it into something closer to the soul.

As a child, behavior, beliefs and opinions are formulated from environmental and genetic impregnation. Over time, personality is crystallized much like an LP needle stuck on the groove of a record going round and round. The occupation, degree and lifestyle, actions, behaviors and beliefs are not of our own choosing but that which was expected, designated, selected or encouraged for us. ‘All women are mothers’ or ‘college is the only way to a financially successful life or making money will make you happy’- all fit into this category. The only means from slipping out of the groove is to jump the track. As an adult or grown-up, the concepts of others are reassembled and reassessed to formulate personal preferences that align with the soul and spirit’s journey.

Phonograph needle on an LPTo achieve Q², one must BE A CLEAR VESSEL and excel in the balance of all intelligences or equilibrium (NOT perfection) at whatever level one can comfortably flourish. For each individual, that equilibrium is different. The key to finding it, can only be discovered from within the individual. Society would have us believe that contrasts and extremes assist us in defining it. The darkness of night enables us to recognize the light. Without evil, we would not know good. Without apathy, passion would not rise from the dust. Without selfishness, service would be unappreciated. More importantly, when a nation and the world is gripped by materialism, capitalism, egocentrism and greed, it yearns for the the reestablishment of its spirit, soul, spark and direction. Yet, where is the magic line that delineates the turning point from dark to light or one good deed over another? Like the global inhabitants becoming more interconnected, boundary lines blur with the dividing lines between extremes. BALANCE and EQUILIBRIUM are more aligned with ‘automatic’ pilot on the airplane which NEVER flies a straight line but constantly tips, pitches and sways with current and weather to maintain a course towards the designed and purpose-filled destination.

The Study of Sacrenology ™© includes but is not exclusive to becoming a clear vessel by excelling in Equilibrium from simultaneous, multiple levels of INTELLIGENCES OR IDENTIFIERS:

The body cannot be separated from the emotions, the environment (whether it is the family, community, religious, social, global or ecological) any more than one can take a thought and remove it from the brain. When solutions are sought to eliminate pain, suffering or symptoms, a multileveled approach is necessary. If a leg bone is broken, it would be ludicrous to massage it. Because the health industry is focused on crisis management, it neglects to reflect on underlying ‘causes’. Consider that there may be a ‘reason’ the accident occurred in the first place? What was the imbalance that existed prior to the fall that precipitated its occurrence? When Western medicine removes cancer, it does not seek out the root (as any gardener knows, removing the dandelion flower without digging up the root is fruitless) and cancer returns, generally next time, with a vengeance or to reappear in another part of the body or to compromise the immune system. That is because ‘root causes’ are subliminal, subtle, cellular, ingrained, entrenched in locations of the body, psyche or soul that ‘science’ fears to tread. Yet, to become self-aware of the foundations of a health related issue is to resolve the cause itself.

WELLNESS encourages responsibility for personal well-being rather than surrendering to the physician or practitioner, by ferreting out the underlying principles, behavior or beliefs that cause imbalance and recognizing its subtle signs and cues. When the body, emotions, spirit, environment or thoughts are out-of-balance, one must seek solutions that are multidisciplinary. Prevention is the imperative. The caveat, the WELLNESS route for treatment can be long and tedious for these reasons: uncovering the research involved in finding the solutions applicable to the illness takes time, finding a professional with compatible disposition, uncovering a practitioner versed, skilled and professional in procedures and technique. As the obesity problem accelerates fingering ‘fast food’ establishments, quick easy food preparation, as a symptom, Westerners are learning that ‘fast and expedient’ is not necessarily best or health provoking. WELLNESS in medicine is all relatively new to modern times and physicians are slowly realizing that there are merits to treating the body differently than they have been trained to do. There are a multitude of professionals, procedures and technologies that were unavailable only a few years ago available today. (The index for website links lists links to these professionals and methodologies.) Here is an example of a multi-leveled perspective:

A Case Of The Multiple Layers And Consequences Of Abortion

God may forgive you your sins but your nervous system won’t”…Albert Korzybski

In real life experience, spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and environmental issues are muddled with other factors. A young 18 year old woman found herself pregnant, did not tell her parents, sought out a therapist, health practitioners and with her boyfriend accompanying her, had an abortion at an approved abortion clinic in New York. But subconsciously her nagging religious Christian upbringing affected her whole being. She began to have issues:

Physically: painful menstruation, migraines, fluid in the lungs (grief unexpressed), cramping, endometriosis (common among Hispanics, African Americans and Italian/Greek decent), constant colds and flu. When she tried to become pregnant after getting married, she suffered an ectopic pregnancy (fetus growing in the fallopian tube) which ruptured and led to infertility issues. She could never become pregnant again after repeated attempts at fertility clinics. As a guinea pig for science, she endured multiple procedures, air blown into her remaining tube, laparoscopy, until her belly looked like a train track (severing the acupuncture ‘meridian lines’ from every direction). Was it the birth control pills or the abortion procedure that led to the endometriosis or her mental/emotional state or a combination of all of the above? After the ectopic rupture, she developed anemia, toxemia, liver issues and suffered from numerous illnesses (from guilt?) for most of her adult life. She was uninformed about the possible physiological side effects of abortion: Endometriosis, infertility, heavy and persistent bleeding, infection or sepsis, scarring of uterine lining, perforation of uterus, damage to other organs and death.

Emotionally: She became ‘numb’ right after the abortion and was unable to ‘feel’ anything again. She said she felt like a robot going about life, one task to another. After years of therapy, the numbness turned into rage from hurt, guilt and anger at herself for being talked into it. She suffered from depression, rage and guilt most of her adult life. Her anger was venting in every direction except for directly confronting the ‘real issues’. Society, culture, job, bosses, family, etc. all became the targets for her repressed, explosive feelings. No one ever told her the emotional side effects of abortion: Mild regret, depression, guilt, anger, shame, loneliness, isolation, impaired self-confidence, insomnia, nightmares, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, anxiety.

Spiritually; Subconsciously, her Christian upbringing taught her that she had killed a living being. Under the surface festering, she felt she needed to punish herself by never becoming pregnant or carrying a child to full term. The spiritual side effects of abortion in a predominately ‘Christian’ world: self-sabotage, ‘shooting self in the foot’ numbness, loss of spirit and passion for life, lack of motivation, unhappiness, unable to find joy and pleasure in life.

Mentally: She suffered from one breakdown and melt down after another. Her decision-making processes were jaded by her guilt, anger, rage against herself and boyfriend and fear of being found out. Her dreams were nightmares. She often thought of committing suicide.

The mental side effects of abortion are much like the emotional with additional symptoms: inability to concentrate, to focus on a task, stay connected, wandering, moving from relationship to relationship or job to job or location to location, inability to hold down a job, extremely judgmental of others, lack of intimacy, becoming an extreme intellectual to the exclusion of everything else, isolationism.


PREVENTION strategies would have deterred or eliminated the consequences of her decisions had she been better informed by her parents, school or physician. The physical, emotional, mental, religious and spiritual ramifications of abortion, birth control pills and patches are rarely explained to young women who seek out such procedures and products. Is it any surprise that the boom in the “infertility industry” (test tube babies, artificial insemination, incubating sperm and eggs) and many women’s inability to become pregnant or having difficult labor, coincidentally coincides with the legalization of abortion and sale of birth-control pills? Interestingly, indigenous women are well versed in the art of taking certain herbs which cause instantaneous abortion without any side effects. BUT, the indigenous culture supports a woman’s right to choose as women are taught about these herbs by other women in the tribe. These women do not suffer from any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual side effects or scars because natural abortion for whatever reason is an accepted way of life and a woman’s right to have control over her own body; a birthright rather than related to‘religious’ dogma.

The human being is a complex organism. In order to understand the ‘ALIVENESS’ factor and maintain its equilibrium, it is imperative to seek out answers from a variety of disciplines and arenas. It is imperative to make informed choices that align with the ‘spirit’, soul and the integrity of the inner being. HAVE HUMANS RELINQUISHED PERSONAL POWER AND CONTROL TO TECHNOLOGY, EXTERNAL FORCES, EXPERIENCES, EVENTS AND INDIVIDUALS INSTEAD OF OWNING THESE TALENTS, GIFTS AND SKILLS FOR THEMSELVES? In other words, could our own brain/mind function more profoundly than any computer, could our heart/emotions contain more fuel that any gas propelled vehicle, could our spirits achieve greater heights than any vehicle in space and could our body/cells cure any illness, imbalance and suffering by tapping into our own personal power?